This website is dedicated to our children, our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s grandchildren.  The purpose is to make family information available to our descendants thus enabling them to know more than just a name about their ancestors
The intent is to have a short bio, photos, copies of available documents, and video clips when available. 
I need help, especially with biographies for each family member.  When you have a moment, please send a what you remember about about any member of the family.  Send your comments to .    I have no preconceived ideas about the look and feel of the web site.  I welcome all comments/suggestions about anything.   If you don't like your picture, send me a replacement and I'll be glad to make the change. I need a caption with each photo
The dates in green were taken from Bob Supina's Excel family tree.
Clicking on any name that is underlined will take you to a page that has information about that person.


Clicking on an image that has a blue border will bring up an enlarged view of the image.


Thanks for your help,

Louis Supina



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