Alfred Supina

October 8, 1923 - June 8, 2001

by Philip Supina

Alfred Supina was born in Ashford CT on October 8,1923. It was a standing joke that while Alfred was the last of the eleven children and the "baby" in the family, he was clearly the largest and strongest. He attended Stafford High School and graduated in 1941

He served in the United States Army Military Police at Fort Benning, Georgia. After military service, Alfred took an interest in agriculture and many times walked long distances to visit fairs and agricultural exhibitions

He went to a machinist's school in Boston and later worked as a machinist in Hartford, CT. In the early 1950's he went to the Bay Area in California where he worked in construction and as a security guard. He was called back to Connecticut in 1955 when his father, Tomas Supina became gravely ill. He worked on a number of building projects around the Homestead, including putting in the basement in the house.

He worked as a security guard at the Veterans' Memorial Coliseum and various other jobs in the Hartford area

In later years, Alfred was determined to earn a living from the land. He went into several farming ventures including raising organic tomatoes and later special mohair goats. None of these projects was successful. However,  he was hopelessly in love with the land and with farming as a way of life.

He suffered from Parkinson's disease in his last years thus preventing him from completing construction of his home.

Alfred died June 8, 2001