Feb. 12, 1912 - Jan 23, 1981

By Philip Supina

Stephen Supina was born Feb. 12, 1912 in McKee's Rocks, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Stafford High School and went to work with the WPA and later in construction, with a special interest in bridge building.

 During WWII, Stephen enlisted in the Army Air Corps and served as the top turret gunner in a B-17, making more than 29 missions over Germany. He was in training to serve on a B-29 for service against Japan when the war ended. In recognition of his service during the war, he received the Air Medal and five Oak Leaf Clusters.

 Despondent over the emerging Cold War and the lack of progress in international talks between the Great Powers, Stephen decided to "call attention to the need for peace.", He rented a small plane on July 22,1948, and lowered  then detonated a single stick of dynamite as he flew over the United Nations building, then in Lake Success, Long Island. The "bomb" exploded in mid-air but did no damage and no was injured. Steven was charged with illegal transportation of explosives, a misdemeanor, and served 148 days in detention.

 Steven worked on construction after the war, but poor heath ultimately kept him on the Homestead where he helped raise turkeys and worked at the family diner and liquor store. He was a gifted huntsman, killing many deer and later in life, bagged a rare wildcat.  He was also an amateur poet and something of an early environmentalist with a strong love for both domestic and wild animals. He was an active layman at St. Philip's Church in Willington., CT.

 Stephen suffered poor health and especially emphysema. He died January 23, 1981 in Hartford Hospital at the age of 69.

For more detailed information about Stephen's military service, Bob Supina's web site devoted to Stephen has a wealth of information -  Bob supplied most of the photos shown below.

Two Rudys John Steven and ?


In Uniform

In Flight Suit

Lady Esther Crew



Lucky Bastard Club

Letter Home 1

Letter Home 2

Orders to Go Home


Stephen Memorabilia

Stephen Approx 35 Years Old

He Bombed UN

Thomas-Stephen after Bombing

Stephen and Friend